FPL GW10 captain analysis

FPl GW10 captain picks

Last week many players that were under the radar performed well, putting a smile to the face of their rare FPL owners. How about this gameweek? What are FPL GW10 best picks? We bring you list of 5 armband candidates as usual. However, please do keep in mind this gameweek FPL captain is hard to predict because high profile players were involved in UCL and EL matches midweek. Put the international break before GW9 into the equation and you might find yourself regretting going for a high profile player from one of the top teams. All things considered following is our top 5 captain tips for game week 10.

Top FPL GW10 captain picks

Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, Leicester
You really can’t go wrong with Vardy this week as he is red hot. The guy that returned phenomenal 34 FPL points in last three matches leads the Premier League in goals scored and I can’t see him slowing down any time sooner. Mahrez is also expected to finally start. He helped his team a lot to recover from the two-goal deficit to steal the draw at Southampton. He was rested during the last two matches as he was involved heavily so far and had international duty, but he should return FPL points in GW10. Leicester plays at home against Crystal Palace. This teams can not boast a good defense and they should concede here. Depending on who you own, both Vardy and Mahrez could turn out to be good captain choices. They have extremely high ownership and plenty of FPL managers will pick them anyway, so if they flop it probably won’t mean a disaster for your ranking.


Dimitri Payet, West Ham
Payet has been very consistent this season and captaining him does make a lot of sense. Even against Chelsea. May I remind you West Ham have beaten the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City so far? Chelsea is not having the best season ever, to say the least, and West Ham could score a goal or two. Payet has plenty of pace and skill to expose Chelsea’s defence and he should be one of the top performers in the following round.

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal
Everything I mentioned about potential fatigue in the preface of this article doesn’t apply to Sanchez. This guy is amazing. He was semi-injured following his two-goal performance against Man Utd and still played for his NT. He was also a part of the team that defeated Bayern in UCL match midweek. However, he scored 6 goals in his last three matches and he should definitely be considered when choosing your FPL captain again. In our previous article, we mentioned a couple of more potentially good options from Arsenal for GW10 if you want to check it out.

Andre Ayew
For my last GW10 FPL captain tip, I would like to recommend Andre Ayew. Swansea looked flat in a home loss to Stoke, but this might be a good opportunity for them to bounce back. Villa has been hugely unimpressive. On the other hand, Ayew is easily most impressive Swansea player this season. 4 goals and one assist are a good record in a debut season and I look for him to continue his fine form.

Honorable FPL captain mentions for GW10

Above you can find a list of my 5 FPL captain recommendations for gameweek 10, but I would like to mention a couple of more players. These players are bit more risky to pick considering their fixtures, but they could still return some FPL points. Diego Costa is one of them. He scored the goal and an assist in his last match, but that was considerably easier game for Chelsea. They played Aston Villa at home and I would like to see more consistency from Costa before captaining him in a difficult fixture like this. The Same could be said for Lukaku. He can be unstoppable on his day, but Arsenal should be a difficult fixture for Everton.

Wijnaldum was a star performer in the last round and although he has been playing on a fairly high level all season long, I would skip him in GW10. Newcastle plays against Sunderland and this match will be everything but a walk in a park. Eriksen could be a popular pick for this gameweek, and there is a strong reason for that. He looks to be in form and has a favourable game in GW10. However, with Kane not scoring goals, you can only hope Eriksen to score from amazing free kicks. I would like to give him some more time before giving him an armband.

Man Utd – Man City match could produce a high scoring FPL player, but there are so many players to consider. I can find plenty of reasons to captain the likes of Rooney, Mata, De Bruyne, Sterling or Bony, but then again there are plenty of reasons to skip all of them. One reason is definitely the importance of the match which could end up being a low scoring one.

Finally, good captain material can be found in a Liverpool – Southampton match. However, Klopp is still trying to figure out his best team and there are injuries to consider. Benteke is expected to return, but how will he fit in Klopp’s system? On the other hand, Southampton could find it hard to score at Enfield, which means that Pelle or Mane don’t have plenty of fantasy appeal in this round.

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