GW 9 captain: top 5 picks

Graziano Pelle - top 10 FPL forwards

GW 9 captain might be more difficult to choose with Aguero injured. Following his 5 goal performance he would be most popular captain choice among FPL managers. Especially considering City plays at home against Bournemouth. However that still doesn’t mean there aren’t viable captain choices in Man City team. I provide you with the list of top 5 GW 9 captain picks in this article though, which means you will likely be able to find at least one of your team members on this list. Let’s get started.

GW 9 captain – the best choice

Graziano Pelle - best GW 9 captain choice
Pelle – best GW9 captain choice – Photo by NazionaleCalcio/ CC BY

Best GW 9 captain choice for me is Graziano Pelle. There are plenty of reasons to trust him. This guy returned 35 FPL points in last three matches combined. Following match, in game week 9 seems like the easiest one on paper. Southampton welcomes Leicester City on Saturday. Leicester in fact conceded 15 goals so far. Only 3 teams have worst defensive record then them. That fact is disguised as their offense has been able to win games. They are yet to keep a clean sheet though. On the other hand Pelle is not in a good form in just his last three matches, he has been playing good all season long. He scored 5 goals with 5 assists as well. Considering the fact Southampton scored 13 goals so far, that means Pelle was directly involved in 10 of them. Amazing! Graziano Pelle is my best captain tip to give for GW9.

Other good FPL GW 9 captain picks

I am placing Diego Costa from Chelsea on second place of my GW9 captain list. He was suspended during last two games so he should be eager to play on Saturday. Combine that with a very favorable fixture against Aston Villa and you have a good opportunity to captain Costa if he is in your team. If you don’t have him just yet, which is a possibility as he is owned by 7% of FPL manager at this point, you could get him in if you have injured Aguero on the team. Actually, I identified him as a good Aguero replacement in my earlier article considering Chelsea’s decent fixtures in following 4 gameweeks. This doesn’t hide the fact that Costa wasn’t in the best form so far, and he is still injury prone and yellow card magnet so he does carry a bit of risk. This is why he is not on top of my list of FPL captain picks for GW 9.

Third player on my GW9 captain top 5 list is Kevin De Bruyne. He is going to be a very popular pick this week considering he scored a goal in each of his last three matches. Without Aguero he is expected to run the show against Bournemouth.

Alexis Sanchez is 4th pick on my list. Player that has scored 5 Premier League goals in his last two matches just can not be ignored when considering who to captain. Having said that he was carrying a minor injury before an International break so he might not be in the best shape. He is capable of scoring against Watford so you can consider him if you don’t have better options in your team.

Finally for my last FPL captain tip in GW9 I am choosing Payet. He has been pretty consistent so far. He returned FPL points in his last 4 matches and I expect them to continue his fine form on Saturday. He is easily most dangerous player in West Ham team and he can be dangerous on counter attack against Crystal Palace. This team managed two clean sheets in a row, but their defence is not on the highest level and they can concede against West Ham at home.

Bonus FPL GW 9 captain picks

As a bonus I am adding couple of more players on my list for this GW. First one is Harry Kane. Because of his poor Premier League form season I just can’t rank him among my top 5 captain picks. Having said that I do believe he’ll do fine in a derby match against Liverpool. Tottenham looks good overall lately and I can see them beating Liverpool with new manager in charge. Klopp does not have experience in this league, but has a great reputation. He will probably need a lot of time to figure out his best line up and Spurs can take advantage of that. They will be very motivated to win this and they could score a couple. This could be a good opportunity for Kane to regain confidence. If you have him in your team and you like a risky captain pick go ahead and pick Harry Kane as an FPL captain in GW9.

Other two players that could be considered as differential FPL captain picks are Ighalo and Ayew. Both have been playing in good form. Ayew has a nice match up against Stoke. This team is not particularly defensive team under management of Hughes. This could translate in a lot of points for Ayew. Ighalo is a main attacking weapon in Watford. They are playing at home against Arsenal and motivation shouldn’t be an issue. Arsenal doesn’t have a particularly strong defense and if they concede, Ighalo will likely be the responsible party.


There you have it guys, this was Fantasy Sports info top 5 FPL GW 9 captain tips. Our best advice is to captain Pelle, but we offered many more for you to consider. Wishing you very best in the following gameweek as always. Feel free to share this article if you found it helpful and if you have something to say, we would appreciate your input, so please comment below.