NBA fantasy draft tips 2015 – Hidden value

Dirk Nowitzki - NBA fantasy draft tips 2015

The 2015-2016 NBA season is starting on Tuesday and the fans all over the world are excited to see the world’s best B-ballers in action once again. If you are an NBA fantasy enthusiast you are probably preparing for another fantasy season. Some of you probably already had your draft and are now considering some trades. Other are yet to have their draft. Whichever category you fall in we prepared some hints and suggestions on which players to keep an eye on. There is indeed some hidden value on NBA fantasy draft 2015.

NBA fantasy draft tips 2015 – Value players under the radar

Jeremy Lin: When the great MJ himself says Lin will be their biggest addition this year, how could you not trust him. I also think Lin should be a perfect fit for this team. Charlot looks like a team that will be playing very fast basketball this year. They have a lot of great shooters and all their players, including centers, can shoot the three ball. lin is adapting to the team pretty well and I think he should have a great season. Lin is a great option, especially a second choice on the guard position on your fantasy team. Keep an eye on Lin.

Derrick Rose: Another superstar that has been battling injuries. The latest one is a left orbital fracture. He should be ready for the start of the season, but he will probably wearing a facial mask. Rose will probably not be on the top the list for most of your league members, because of his injury liability. Nevertheless, I think he is worth considering as a very high pick because he is the superstar and I don’t think his newest facial injury should be hurting him enough for you to avoid him as one of the best PG’s in the league.

Joffrey Lauvergne: The French PF could see enough playing time for you to consider adding him in deeper leagues. He is a very good rebounder and solid defender. He improved his shooting, especially from downtown. He looked very good playing for the French national team this summer Jusuf Nurkic is still injured therefore Nuggets rotation under the rim is shortened. Lauvergne is a fighter by nature and I expect him to earn his minutes on this team.

Dirk Nowitzki: He is now 37 years old, but he seems to be healthy and fit for another season with the Mavericks. He is not exactly one of the top picks, but if he should be avoided by your opponents for long enough on your draft, you could consider him in the later rounds. Dallas does not look to be so strong this year, especially without Monta Ellis. Nowitzki should be putting up good numbers, regardless of his veteran age.

Meyers Leonard: Portland traded Lamarcus Aldridge, but they have another big guy that can shoot the ball. Leonard should be working well with Damian Lillard and I expect him to put up very good numbers when it comes to points and rebounds. If you are looking for a big guy who will fill up your 3pt categories, Meyers could be your man.

Lou Williams: He is placed way low on the list, but may I remind you he was NBA’s sixth man of the year last season. He played for Toronto last season and managed to get such a reward. Now he is playing fo the Los Angeles Lakers and I don’t see why shouldn’t he have another great season. The lakers are a weaker team than the Raptors and he could get even more playing time in LA. Keep an eye on Lou

Derrick Williams: The powerful forward came from Sacramento Kings to strengthen the Knicks’ frontcourt. With all the spotlights in New York directed to the fourth overall pick of the 2015 draft Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick Williams could emerge from the shadow as their best buy of the season. He had some really good games in the preseason, showing that he could have a significant role on this team. The Knicks have brought another big man to fill up their frontcourt – Robin Lopez, but based on what I’ve seen from Williams he is the one to keep an eye on in this team. He is way down on the draft list, but I think he is worth considering late in the draft.

Paul George: After missing almost the entire last season, because of a very ugly injury during the prep period with the USA national team, George is looking more than ready to have a great season. His coach Frank Vogel actually said that he should have the best season of his career this year. Who are we not to trust him?! George looks very good at the moment and he should be the leader of the Indiana Pacers once more. The Pacers traded a lot of their “top guns”, so George should have even more responsibilities on this team than before his injury. He is a first round pick if you ask me. You obviously should not consider him before guys like Davis, Durant, Harden or Curry, but when those elite players are gone, George could be the next best thing.

Damian Lillard: Aldridge is gone; Batum is gone; Wesly Mathews is gone. Who’s left.?! Damian Lillard, of course. The Blazers are obviously a much weaker team now, but Lillard should keep delivering big for them. He is a scoring machine who will have even more scoring opportunities now that he is the only star on the team and I think he should exploit it, big time. Lillard is one of the best choices when it comes to guards and a very good choice overall. He could be a first round pick too.

Kyle Lowry: He is a player that could explode this season. He had a great one last year, but he could have a monster one this season. He looks to be in great shape, losing a few pounds. He scored 40 points in a preseason game a while ago. Could we be seeing something like that more often this year? I hope so because I’ll be going for him very early in the draft.