Fantasy Premier League captain tips gameweek 14

Gameweek 36 captain tips Fantasy Premier League

Are you undecided about your captain for Fantasy Premier League gameweek 14? Want to know what is the best captain choice this weekend? We prepared 5 picks that are most suited for the job. You definitely own a couple of these players so I know you will find this blog post to be useful. Following is our list ranked by probability of high FPL point return

Top 5 Fantasy Premier League captain tips gameweek 14

I actually suggested 6 players for GW14 FPL captain, so maybe more accurate title would be: 5 teams to likely yield the high scoring FPL player in GW14. This is the list ordered by the potential to return big.

1. Aguero – Man City should bounce back at home and Argentinian superstar should be a first name in the match.
2. Lukaku – Lukaku is on a nice streak and he is playing against struggling Bournemouth.
3. Eriksen – I expect Spurs to take the win over Chelsea, just like they did last season. Both Kane and Eriksen should have a say in this game.
4. Vardy – Can this guy stop scoring?
5. Ozil/Sanchez – Ozil or Sanchez is the big question.  I could give you plenty of arguments for both. If Arsenal wins like they are supposed to, both of these players can be good FPL captain pick in this gameweek.

Reasons to captain Aguero

Aguero returned from injury in the last gameweek and scored the only goal in a loss to Liverpool. He failed to score against Juventus in Torino, but Southampton is a better opportunity to do so. Southampton is a good team, but their defence is not as strong as it was last season, and Man City is due for a big game. Aguero will return FPL points in gameweek 14, feel free to captain him.

Lukaku is good FPL captain material these days

Everton finally has a nice set of fixtures following a nightmare first ten gameweeks. As a result, Lukaku is performing on a high level. He will be a popular captain choice following three solid performances in a row. He can score at Bournemouth and because of that he can be trusted one more time. Put an armband on his hand.

Eriksen is an FPL differential captain pick for GW14

Kane will be popular captain choice in gameweek 14, but I’ve placed Eriksen with him, relatively high on my Fantasy Premier League captain top 5 list this week. He can return even against the Blues. Chelsea is a team with plenty of problems, but they will still identify Kane as the main threat. If he should be heavily marked, Eriksen could emerge as the man of the match on Sunday.

Never underestimate Vardy

Vardy is just amazing this season. It is hard to overlook him when talking about captain picks once again. Leicester plays against good defensive team like Man Utd, but Vardy can score against almost every team in Premier League at the moment. Captaining him in GW14 does make sense. Mahrez was my pick in last round, but now I like Vardy better. Even though guys at YIRMA are looking to let Vardy go, I think it is still a risky move. You could end up with massive value loss if you decide to bring him back later. Not to mention the drop in overall FPL ranking.

Ozil or Sanchez that is the question

At this point I think Ozil has the edge, especially with news earlier today suggesting Sanchez has some hamstring issue. Ozil is the man in form right now, his stats are just amazing in the last half of dozen Premier League matches and I see no reason for him to stop now. I was tipping Sanchez in last 4 gameweeks while he was, in fact, returning nothing. However, with good performance in Champion’s League match, I feel we could see the best of him in next couple of games. Bottom line, whoever you choose between these two Arsenal midfielders you probably won’t get hurt. Giroud could also be considered I guess, but he rarely gets FPL bonus points.

Fantasy Premier League captain tips gameweek 14 – Honourable mentions

Bolasie failed to deliver against Sunderland, but now he has easier opponent at home – Newcastle. He could benefit from the return of Chamakh.
Ighalo is having a great season and he will look to score against Aston Villa. This team looked fairly well when containing Man City at home, but immediately after that, they fell apart at Everton. Watford can win this with Ighalo scoring. Both of these players are my honourable mentions when speaking about FPL captain in the following round.

Who do you expect to perform? Have your say in the comments below.