Gameweek 21 captain tips Fantasy Premier League

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Gameweek 21 captain tips Fantasy Premier League is my new article with handful of fresh captain picks. I had my worst GW when it comes to captain tips in last round. Actually, my list of risky choices in the last round outperformed main tips. But then again it was difficult gameweek for most of the FPL managers out there. Let’s do better this time. Below you can find my top 5 Gameweek 21 captain tips.

Top 5 Gameweek 21 captain tips for Fantasy Premier League

#1. GW21 captain pick – Kevin De Bruyne

It was really hard for me to make a final decision on who is the best captain choice for GW21, but eventually, I decided to pick De Bruyne. His performances at home were much better than away. He scored 4/5 of his BPL goals at home and 8/8 (!) of his assists. He is safe to start. Everton is in trouble considering the number of injuries at the back and Howard’s shaky form as of late. Those are all pros, but there are also cons; Man City is pretty healthy at the moment and you never know where the danger is going to come from. Having said that, Aguero also looks like a legitimate captain candidate in GW21. However, he had a lot of time on the pitch in the short span since returning from injury. He also started an FA Cup match on Saturday, playing 70 minutes. Aguero is good captain choice, but for this particular gameweek, I would recommend De Bruyne over him. He has the potential to return a goal and assist which would make him score in double digits.

#2. GW21 captain pick – Harry Kane

I think Kane is pretty sure scorer against Leicester. This means you can’t go wrong if you give him an armband. However, I just think De Bruyne has more potential to score big numbers than Harry. This is why he is on second place for this GW. Kane is on penalties, which is a definitely a good thing as he demonstrated a couple of days ago. He converted one in a Cup draw against a same opponent they face in FPL gameweek 21. One more player from Spurs team to consider is Alli, as he seems to be in better recent form than Kane. But Kane is closer to the goal and has a higher ownership which makes him a better choice

#3. GW21 captain pick – Mesut Ozil

It is hard to ignore Ozil while compiling a captain list these days as the creative German is enjoying his form. He is assisting like crazy. Add to that his goalscoring potential and you have a strong captain pick. Normally it would be safe to assume that away match at Liverpool is hardly ideal opportunity to score big. However, Liverpool is in a mess and they have huge injury problems. Especially in the defense where they are going to have a hard time finding a proper CB. Ozil was rested in FA Cup match, so he will be ready to go full of energy.

#4. GW21 captain pick – Odion Ighalo

One more player that got rested in a Cup match is Odion Ighalo. I am a huge fan of this guy. He is amazing and almost fixture proof. Having said that, I still don’t own him. This could change now as I expect big point return from him in this round. Watford has an away match at Southampton. Usually, this would mean a tough match for the visitors, but Southampton is struggling for a while now. They are not scoring; Pelle is injured and Mane is not on his last season’s form. The bigger problem is their weaker defense. Agile and the swift player like Odion Ighalo will surely find a way to score at least once. I expect Watford to grab themselves a nice result here and Ighalo to be on top of his form.

#5. GW21 captain pick – Marko Arnautovic

I was looking to place Arnautovic higher than Ighalo in gameweek 21  captain tips list, but I just like Ighalo’s mentality better. Arnautovic is still a good bet, though. Stoke has been fairly impressive this season. I thought they are going to be a flop. But they surprised me, they are really solid defensively and they are scoring goals. Shaqiri, Arnautovic and Bojan triangle has been doing a good job lately. I especially like Arnautovic as he is on penalties as well. Norwich (H) looks like a winnable match on paper which makes Aranutovic a viable captain option. Bojan and Shaqiri could be nice differentials as well.

Risky Gameweek 21 FPL captain tips

If you are looking to roll a dice and take a risky captain pick you can consider any of the following players: Wijnaldum, Willian, Barkley, Ayew.
Wijnaldum hasn’t returned anything in a while but Newcastle tends to be extra motivated against high profile teams. Man Utd is just having a disappointing season and I wouldn’t surprise if Newcastle finds a way to beat them. If that should happen, Wijnaldum might turn out to be a highest scoring player in this match as he has the talent. He demonstrated it a couple of times this season, but his inconsistency makes him a risky pick.
Willian looks like an interesting punt considering he is the most dangerous Chelsea player these days. Especially with Costa unlikely to play according to The Blues have a winnable home match against WBA in GW21.
How about Barkley? He has a vey high ownership, but he is rarely captained by FPL community this season. I actually like him against Man City as he has to step up if Lukaku doesn’t recover for this match. Man City is not a good defensive team while Kompany is on the sidelines. Barkley has the strength and mentallity to score away at City.
And finally, a very risky pick considering his form – Andre Ayew. He started his BPL career with a bang and he was very consistent for a while. However, he failed to score in last 6 Premier League matches he played. What better chance to find his form than against Sunderland (H)?

Gameweek 21 captain tips – conclusion

Now at the end, I hear you ask about Dimitri. Should I captain Payet? Well, he just might return big as an away match at Bournemouth seems like a good chance to do so. However, I would give him some more time to find his feet. He is likely to start, and you might get him back into your team, but I feel my top 5 captain picks are just a bit better for GW21. How about Mahrez? His extremely high ownership means, someone will likely choose him. Next match against Aston Villa (A) will be a much better chance for that… If you need some further captain reading, you can check the guest post by @Wengerball here!