GW 38 captain tips – Fantasy Premier League

FPL 2015

GW 38 is upon us and this is my last captain tips article in Fantasy Premier League season 2015/2016. It has been a turbulent season for many seasoned FPL managers out there but this is not the right time for looking back. One more round left to play so here is the list of captain tips for gameweek 38 – the season finish.

GW 38 captain tips – top 3 candidates

It has to be Alexis Sanchez as a first name on the shortlist as he is in a good form ATM, but his fixture is very promising as well. Perfect combo if you ask me, but many will agree. This is why you should maybe like to look elsewhere if you are looking to see some serious green arrows. How about somebody from Southampton? They have a fairly easy home match in front of them. This means Tadic and Mane are very interesting options.

GW 38 captain tip No.1 – Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez it is. This is more like a shield option than a sword. He will be very popular captain pick with healthy ownership of 20%. If you are looking to remain where you are in your OR, you can go with Alexis. Arsenal is supposed to run over Aston Villa in the closing match of this season in front of their fans. Sounds like a good chance for Sanchez to return something. If you are looking to take a small gamble, you might consider Ozil as well. He had an overall very successful season, but he did have his dry patches. He shouldn’t be extremely popular captain pick because of that tomorrow, but that could make him a great differential.

GW 38 captain tip No.2 – Mane

Let’s go with Mane. Although his teammate Tadic is looking good lately, Mane offers more of a goalscoring threat. Tadic has been assisting, but Mane scored 3 against City. That means he can be unstoppable on his day. Tomorrow just might be that day. With a relatively low ownership of ~5.5% he has the potential to rocket you skyhigh if you choose to captain him. If you have Tadic and not him, you can also consider captaining Serbian player.

GW 38 captain tip No.3 – Hazard

Finally I am going to trust Hazard. He seems to be improving lately. This guy was supposed to be indispensable FPL asset at the season start with an ownership of above 50% but we all now that things turned south for him and his owners. He still does have a fairly high ownership of close to 16%, but there is a good chance some of that number is from inactive teams. This makes Hazard potentially a nice differential. He might  want to prove a point against champs on the last day at home. We will see, but I really do expect Chelsea to come on top. Hazard could be the guy to inspire their win.